GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

The British Institute processes information pertaining to you and how you use our services. This information refers to the data we collect and save about you and how you use our services and that directly or indirectly identifies you. We use this information to provide services and offers that meet your specific needs. As personal data manager, we are responsible for the processing of your data and how and for what purposes this processing is carried out.

What kind of information do we process?

Contact details

When you become a client of The British Institute, we save the contact information you have provided: Name, email address, postal address, telephone number and, when relevant, company name and corporate identity number for the company you represent.

This is how we compile personal information

We collect and process data that…

•  you yourself provide when you become a client of ours.

•  is created when you use our services – for example when you submit notice of interest.

Exactly what information we collect about you depends on which one of our services you use.

We use this personal information for the following reasons

In order for us to process your data, one of the following legal bases must be in place:

• Requirements in order to fulfil an agreement with you.

• The processing is in the interests of both you and the British Institute.

• Consent from you for that particular processing.

We require to process your personal information in order for us to provide you with our services. Below you can find information about what we use your data for, as well as what legal basis supports such processing.

Provision of services

We process personal data to identify you as a client and to handle and to enable us to deliver the services you have ordered from us. We also process personal information that is required to handle invoicing and payment of the services you use.

Legal basis: Balance of interests and fulfilment of agreements.

Communication and support

We can use personal data from previous contact with us in order to provide you with better help.

We use your contact information and information about which services you use as the basis for invoices, important information about your services, offers and advice on how to use our services.

Legal basis: Balance of interests, consent and fulfilment of agreements.

Development of our services and products

We process personal data on how you use our services and from contact with us as a basis for improving how you experience specific products and our services in general.

Legal basis: Balance of interest and consent.


We process personal data about what services you use and how you use them to be able to market relevant products and services to you according to your needs. 

Legal basis: Balance of interest and consent.

This is how long we save personal data

We store personal data as long as you are registered as using our services and there is a purpose for this processing in accordance with requirements from the authorities (storage minimisation).

Erasure of personal data that is not required

When the personal data is no longer needed for the above purpose, it is erased or unidentified. This is done according to our routines for the erasure personal data, i.e. we carry out regular checks (annually).

To whom do we disclose personal information

Subcontractors, employees and consultants within The British Institute Educational Services AB.

Our employees and consultants are bound by our confidentiality agreements.

We have agreements with all our subcontractors within the EU. The agreements regulate, among other things, what personal data is processed, why processing is done, how personal data shall be protected and how long such data are processed. The agreements also contain instructions from the personal data manager to the personal data assistant regarding how the personal data may be processed.

We strive to never share more personal information than is absolutely necessary with each partner.

We adopt appropriate safeguarding measures to ensure that your personal information is handled in accordance with applicable laws regarding security and personal privacy. We place the same demands on our subcontractors.

This is how we protect your personal information

We protect your personal data using systematic, organisational and technical measures to ensure integrity, confidentiality and accessibility.

The British Institute’s staff is bound by confidentiality agreements and process only the information their assignment requires.

We abide by the General Data Protection Regulation

We follow the basic principles in several ways, by:

• keeping a record of and documenting the personal data processing that is on-going in our organisation, including what considerations you have had

• establishing internal guidelines for data protection (a data protection policy) and have trained the staff accordingly

You decide on your personal data

You decide on your own personal data. That is, you decide what information you wish to submit and what processing of your personal data you approve of, and you can withdraw your consent when you wish.

Please note, however, that we require certain personal information in order to provide our services to you. If you choose to revoke your consent, this may mean that we cannot provide all of our services to you.

Right to a register extract

You shall be able to know which of your personal data we process. Consequently, you have the right to receive a register extract from us. In order to receive such a register extract, you must clearly state what information you want to access. We must respond to your request without undue delay, and within one month at the latest. If for some reason we cannot fully respond to your request, we will justify why this is the case and we will also inform you of how long we require to respond to your request. In the event of a request for a register extract, we will request that you identify yourself in a secure manner.

Right to rectification

If any of the information we process is incorrect or if more information required to be processed for the purpose for which we are processing the data, you have the right to have such incorrect information rectified or to supplement with any additional information that may be required for the processing. Once we have rectified your data, we will contact those parties to whom we have disclosed your data and inform them of any corrections that have been made, provided that this does not constitute an overly burdensome effort for us or if for any reason it should be impossible.

Right to erasure

You also have the right in some cases to have your data that we have process erased. If so, kindly contact us.

Right to restriction of processing

You also have the right in certain cases to restrict the processing we do. Restriction implies that the data is marked so that in the future it may only be processed for certain limited purposes. The right to restriction applies, inter alia, when you believe the data is incorrect and you have requested rectification. In such cases, you may also request that the processing of the data be restricted during the period in which we investigate whether the data is correct or not.

Right to data portability

You also have the right to so-called data portability for the data you have provided us with in cases where we carry out the processing based on your consent or when we process information to fulfil an agreement with you. This means that you have the right to receive the data that you have given us and which we process about you in a certain format and that you have the right to transfer this information to another personal data controller. The right to portability applies only to the data we have processed automatically.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights as set out above, this can be done at the Swedish Data Inspection Board. We also ask you to contact us.

Contact details

Personal data controller

The British Institute Educational Services AB (Corporate Identity Number 556514-7195)

Nygränd 10, 111 30 Stockholm.

If you have any questions regarding our processing of personal data, wish to rectify any incorrect information, wish to have some information erased or have complaints about our processing, you are welcome to contact us via the contact details on our website.


If we make changes to this GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy, we will publish an updated version on this page.

This document was last updated: 12thJanuary 2019