Our vision is to bridge the cultural and linguistic divide to contribute to a better international climate. The British Institute, which was established in 1972 in Stockholm, has over the years developed a variety of training strategies in order to meet the changing demands within the public and private sectors and other organisations. We cooperate with internationally recognised language schools, organisations and universities.
We enhance participants’ linguistic communication skills, improving their competence and confidence in demanding situations both orally and in writing.  Our core values are: Quality and Development, Service and Respect, Knowledge and Professionalism.

Why choose The British Institute?

Globalisation represents increased demands on linguistic and communication skills for more and more people working within both the public and the private sectors. This applies not only to people in leadership positions today, sales staff, administrators and support staff, amongst many others have to carry out their general tasks more or less regularly in relevant and efficient English.
After more than 35 years in the business we are proud to have established ourselves as a highly professional and reliable training/coaching partner that understands the international arena.  All our teachers at The British Institute have English as their mother tongue, officially recognised teaching qualifications, as well as higher educational qualifications in a variety of subjects and areas. Our team represents English as a global language, with teachers over the years from the USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and of course the UK. Our translators always translate into their first language thereby ensuring clarity, nuance sensitivity and a wealth of linguistic variety.