Business Communications Workshop – for professionals working in an international environment

We provide 1 and 2 day open workshops during the year. In small groups (maximum 6 participants) we offer “hands on” training in the skills needed in professional environments. These include “face to face” contacts, telephone contacts and how to write e-mails, short reports, etc.

Our workshops give you the chance to revise your “old” knowledge and/or to get inspiration for the new “journeys” in your professional English. 

a) ‘Write right’ – Professional writing skills (PWS) – 1 day

When: 25/1, 22/2, 26/4, 24/5 09.00-11.45 & 12.45-15.00

Fee: 6 lessons, SEK. 2 850.-/pers. excl. VAT

b) ‘Speak up’ – Professional oral skills (POS) – 1 day

When: 26/1, 23/2, 27/4, 25/5 09.00-11.30 & 12.30-15.00 

Fee: 6 lessons, SEK. 2 850.-/pers. excl.VAT

c) Two-day professional language skills workshops

Have you had your performance review? How about your English language health check-up? It’s perhaps time to do some stocktaking and even some reconditioning? You might even benefit from an uppgrade! Then have a look at our two-day language skills workshop. We run it regularly throughout the year – and as always, we have small groups of max. six participants. We work hands-on and help you to activate your speaking, listening, reading, writing and conversing skills by addressing following:

Introducing yourself – making a brief presentation of who you are and what you do.

Increasing confidence on the telephone – standard phrases and expressions for conversations and meetings over the phone, and how to minimise misunderstandings.

Writing right – practising and producing good formal and informal texts e.g. emails.

Relationship building and socialising across different cultures – discussions around what does and does not work, what topics to consider and what to avoid.

When: 28-29 Jan, 25-26 Feb, 29-30 April, 27-28 Ma 9.00-11.45 & 12.45-15.00 

Fee: 12 lessons, SEK. 5 700.-/pers. excl. VAT